We listened to the requests and made it happen! We have added some new favorites, streamlined and updated our daily Fresh Market! Our Hatch Green Chile Stew is now available in a large 30 Ounce container and the option of adding our signature, homemade Chile Rub is now on the product listings as well.

There is also a brand new Vegetable Kit button available which is a bundle of potatoes, cucumber, onion, peppers, corn, garlic, avocado, limes, tomatoes and cilantro.

Our Market went to a daily store instead of once a week to help with traffic and social distancing. We have all the kinks worked out and it has been running smoothly. Place your order before 11pm and have it delivered to your car in our parking lot the next day between 3pm and 7pm. Easy and secure ordering at https://agaverestaurant.com/agavefreshmarket/